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[05 Nov 2005|08:14pm]
HAPPY BIRTHDAY galaxy_soup!!

For your birthday: Adam, Don't Eat It.
I'll eat whatever you tell me to (as long as it's not "knives") and then describe it here.
(I think I stole the idea to steal off of Steve, Dont Eat It from Mandy, but she never did it, so whatever)



Audition got re-released on DVD not too long ago, so I finally got to see it. It's at least as good as I heard it would be, not as scary as I heard though. More of a thriller than a horror flick, really, and not even most of the time.

It's about Aoyama, a middle-aged, single father executive who hasn't dated since his wife died. His TV producer friend wants to help him date, so he comes up with a plot to find Aoyama the perfect woman. He and Aoyama hold fake auditions for a role that doesn't exist, screening and interviewing the actresses, looking for Aoyama's perfect woman. They think they find her in Asami. Aoyama calls her, treats her to dinners, they gradually hit it off and begin a relationship. But then, by the end, he finds out Asami is not the woman he thought she was (to say the least) and the movie just sort of spirals out of control.

I could talk about it more, but it's easy to give things away. Just go watch it if you haven't seen it. Trust me; It's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

Turtles Can Fly

First movie made in Iraq since the fall of Saddam, it's set in a rural village on the Iraq/Turkey border before this most recent war. It's about the refugee children who live there, banded together under Satellite, a smart kid who is in high demand with the villages for his ability to install satellites and deliver them news of the impending US invasion. The children (played by local non-actors) make a living clearing fields of mines and then selling them. At least half of them are deformed or scarred from getting hit by the mines. One day, this suicidal girl and her clairvoyant, arm-less brother come to the village with a young child in tow. Satellite falls for the girl and, at first, antagonizes her brother. The two of them want nothing to do with Satellite and his band, and are just trying to get by

Turtles is one of those depressing but uplifting at the same time movies. It's beautifully shot, and the children are amazing and strong, but the whole movie is filled with tragedy. The scenery adds to that sense too, with its beautiful but barren middle east landscape and its scattered industrial wreckage.

It's good stuff, watch it, but expect to be a little emo after.

Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood



My new favorite band:

MPEG: Sparta Locals - Tokyo Ballerina (52.5 MB)

I came across keikaku.net about a week ago. It's a site with reviews and interviews of bands in the japanese indie scene; Sparta Locals are one of the bands I found from that site. This video is genius, and the song is at least as cool. I've had it stuck in my head for almost twenty four hours now, and I don't even mind. You can click the picture/text to download it. And you should
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[09 May 2005|09:04pm]
friends only

I've decided I might as well just go friends only from here on.

I'm hoping it'll make people think "oh wow, not just anybody can see this stuff! I hope I can see this stuff! oh wow, it must be pretty insightful and important stuff! I hope this dick will let me in and let me read all this stuff so I can comment several times on each and every single post!"

So yeah, just comment and you're in.
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